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Clean Globe Environmental LLC
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About Us

Clean Globe Environmental LLC (CGE) was established with the mission to provide contracting services to reduce costs for its client’s environmental obligations and liabilities. Using, dedication, value, and sustainability, as a model, CGE is helping clients succeed in their respective markets in the Northeastern United States. CGE’s expertise supports clients in the government, petrochemical, energy, engineering, environmental, real estate, retail sales, manufacturing, and commercial industries.  


CGE is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. By understanding our customer’s needs and desires we will do what is necessary to succeed and become the contractor of choice for environmental sampling, compliance, remedial services, and operation and maintenance. All too often environmental consultants get absorbed with the details of a project and forget about the big picture. At CGE, every employee understands the importance of repeat business and positive feedback from our clients.


CGE understands that environmental liabilities create a challenge for companies to control costs associated with manufacturing, distribution, and sale of products, site development and site management. It is our goal to provide quality value added services that are focused on lowering the overall costs of projects while maintaining a high standard of quality. This goal is achieved through analysis of the components of an environmental solution and balancing the benefit of the component versus the cost. CGE will always provide its clients with the best available alternative option that satisfies the criteria of high value and low cost.        


As a leading environmental contracting firm, CGE is committed to compliance and environmental stewardship. What this means for our clients is confidence that CGE will find responsible solutions that minimize impacts on the environment. From investigation to remedy selection to long-term monitoring, environmental solutions that incorporate a greener aspect will be evaluated and presented in harmony with federal, state and local initiatives.