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Clean Globe Environmental LLC
34 Cain Drive
Brentwood, NY 11717
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Check out these photos of some of Clean Globe's recent work
Groundwater Sampling
Clean Globe has all the equipment necessary to perform groundwater sampling including low flow techniques. Pictured here we are using a Solonist water level meter, YSI professional Plus multi-meter, and a QED micro purge bladder pump.
Vacuum Excavator
Here we are in New Jersey using our Utiliscope VE-75 to soft-dig locations around a buried water line. The scope also included delineating the extent of contaminated soil and gathering information for an planned excavation project.

Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction
Our short-term air sparging and soil vapor extraction treatments were successful in reducing BTEX and MTBE concentrations at hot-spots at this site in Ozone Park. The compact and mobile setup was instrumental in treating this busy location with minimal impact to the retail service station.
Excavation of Contaminated Soil
Excavation project in Oceanside NY. Uncovered a UST, removed 250 tons of contaminated soil and added 1,000 pound of ORC Advanced for enhanced biodegradation of residual impacts.
Trenching and Piping
CGE performed trenching and piping for the installation of an air sparge and soil vapor extraction system. There scope included 350 linear feet of trenching.
LNAPL Recovery
Clean Globe set up and maintained this mobile LNAPL recovery system at JFK airport for 2 months. The system included a high vacuum blower, pneumatic submersible pumps, and a portable generator.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
CGE using GPR during a utility markout for the safer placement of proposed injection points.
Utility Markout
CGE marked the extent of Dry Well vaults and associated piping during a utility markout in the vicinity of proposed boring locations